Consumers and Sellers Create Value

Consumers play a vital role in the Crowd Share Marketplace. Consumers create value by referring themselves and others in their social network to sellers providing goods and services used by those consumers every day. Consumers also create value by offering their labor to sellers looking to fulfil job openings. Consumers can also create value by offering up personal items for sale.

Sellers play a pivotal role in the Crowd Share Marketplace. Sellers are typically either Side Hustlers (also referred to as gig workers) and more conventional “brick and mortar” establishments. Sellers create value by offering goods and services that consumers use every day. There is added value created in that these sellers will offer goods and services at deeply discounted rates.

SideHustle App directly connects consumers and sellers, empowering both groups into a cooperative undertaking. Consumers make exclusive referrals to sellers. When a lead results a sale, consumers will share in a portion of the profit, or as we like to say – PROFIT TO THE PEOPLE.

Benefits of the SideHustle App

Benefits of the SideHustle app are powerful for both consumers and sellers. Consumers are given a unique opportunity to share in the profits. Sellers are provided a platform to increase their profit share. Sellers can promote themselves regionally or nationally at no additional cost which also helps to increase their profit share.

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